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Base Pricing

Visit Type              Length        Rate           Description



Initial Consultation

30-60 minutes


During this visit, you will have a chance to meet me and make sure I'm a good match for your pets. We can complete the necessary paperwork, exchange keys and go over every detail on how to care for your pets. I'll meet all your pets and make sure I'm comfortable with every aspect of their care.

Regular Visit

30 minutes


This visit is perfect for 1-2 pets and includes feeding, watering, a quick walk or potty break and a little special affection for your pets.

Extended Visit

45-60 minutes


This visit is for multi-pet situations, special care situations and anytime you want your pets to have a little extra pampering. Includes feeding, watering, potty break/walk, play time and lots of affection for your pets.

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Please note:  Prices are subject to change without notice.  Travel fees may be added for home visits outside of Harrisonville city limits, this will be discussed during initial consultation.  Have a special situation or a pet with special needs?  Contact me to see if I can help!

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