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As a pet owner myself, I saw a real need for a pet sitting service in my home town.  It's not always easy to leave for a night away or especially an extended vacation if you have a house full of animals depending on you to care for them. I started Animalia Pet Care in May of 2014 so I can offer this kind of service to other pet owners in Harrisonville, Missouri.


Animalia Pet Care is fully licensed, bonded and insured for liability including care, custody and control of the pets in my care.  I am also insured for theft for your peace of mind.

Animals are my passion!  I have been blessed to have the experience of owning and caring for animals of all kinds through out my life.  I have cared for birds like budgies, doves, cockatiels, lovebirds, Amazons, African greys and even ducks and chickens.  I have owned rats and guinea pigs.  I grew up surrounded by cats and kittens, dogs and puppies, horses and a few cows.  I also have a tank of freshwater fish and even a bearded dragon.  If you have an animal that I haven't cared for, I can follow your care instructions exactly and treat the animal just as you would.  I'm always happy to learn about the care of a different kind of pet!


​Your pet's comfort, happiness and safety is my top priority.  I keep my service area small so I can travel to your home as many times a day as you require and spend quality time caring for them.  I will keep you updated with texts and pictures to show how everyone is doing while you are away.




“Wonderful job! Dependable, great to communicate with, and definitely went the extra mile taking our animals on in short notice and for an extra day when our travel plans fell through. 100 % Recommend!!! Thank you!"  ​

Kyndra Sherman, owner of Checkers, Heen, Jinx, and Lucy Furr


"The three of us are very happy with the service Jennifer has given us. Joe and I are sure that our dog Jedd is always disappointed when we come home. We really appreciate that we can leave Jedd in his own home and trust that he will have the best of care and be happy when we return. Thank you Jennifer"  ​

Peggy Martin, Jedd's owner


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