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What does a pet sitter do?

I'm your pet's best friend when you are away.  I can provide food, water, potty breaks, exercise, playtime and affection when you can't be at home.  Your pet stays in its home where it is comfortable, safe and secure, without the stress of big changes to its routine.  You don't have to worry about finding a friend or family member to come by and your pet's exposure to illness from kennels and other animals is eliminated.

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Schedule as many visits with me as you need- for instance, a cat may be fine with one visit a day but most dogs will need three or more visits a day to remain comfortable.


I also provide additional services at no extra charge such as taking out the trash, bringing in your mail, watering house plants and turning lights on and off to give your home a lived-in look while you are away.


The best thing about hiring a pet sitter for your next trip away is the peace of mind you will have knowing that your friend is being well cared for in your absence. 


Your pet will be treated as if it was my own, like family.  Call me at (816) 258-0418, text or send me a message through the contact page on this site. 


I'll make sure your pet has a great time while you are away, giving her lots of love and attention!

Free Initial Consultation Visit

I'll come to your home and meet you and your pet(s).  We can discuss any questions you may have while I get to know your pet and you observe how we interact.  We can work out a schedule that suits your needs and complete paperwork.  Just contact me to set up your free consultation visit.

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